Manuals and Documents



On this page you find various TV & Radio manuals and other documentation to view or download as you wish. Interesting pictures and articles from early magazines will find their way onto this page also. Most will be in PDF format.


Andrea 2F12/8F12 TV - Operators Manual           (4.8M)

Capehart 610P,651P,661P TV - Service Manual       (32M)

Clough-Brengle 126 Oscillograph - Instruction Manual (10M)

Columbia BM Phonograph Reproducer - 1908 Patent   (285K)

Columbia Grand Database                              (32K)

DuMont 180 series TV - Service Manual              (3.3M)

DuMont RA-102-B3 Club Model TV - Warranty and Unpacking Instructions  (5.2M)

DuMont RA-102-B3 Club Model TV - Operators Manual  (1.8M)

Edison Radio - Service Bulletins 1929-1931              (5.9M)

Edison C2 - Instruction Manual                           (10.2M)

Edison R6 & R7 Radio - Service Manual                  (24M)

Emerson 541 - Service Notes                           (2.28M)

Farnsworth GV-260 TV - Service Manual                 (15M)

GE RPX & VR II Cartridge Info                          (1.2M)

GE 901 Projection TV - Service Manual                  (8.7M)

GE 901 Projection TV - Service Bulletin                  (350K)

GE 810 TV - Update Service Notes                      (3.6M)

H.H. Scott Model 910A Dynamic Noise Suppressor Article (3.1M)

Hallicrafters SX-99 - Manual                             (9.9M)

HP 8600A Digital Marker - Operating Information Manual (2.7M)

Lectrotech V7 - Instruction Manual                       (18.6M)

Masterpiece III - Alignment Instructions                  (660K)

Masterpiece III - Installation & Operation                (2.6M)

Masterpiece III - Consoles Catalog                        (1.1M)     

McMurdo V - Installation and Operation Manual           (20.8M)

Masterpiece VI - Confidential Advance Data              (3.4M)

Masterpiece VI - Confidential Specifications              (8.4M)

Masterpiece VI  - New IF System                       (7.6M)

McMurdo VI - Alignment Instructions                     (20K)

McMurdo VI - Schematic Diagram                       (7.3M)

McMurdo VI - Parts List                                 (29K)

McMurdo Silver Times January,1937                    (14.3M)

Magnavox CR-190 Radio - Service Manual               (6.2M)

Meissner Analyst - Operating Manual                    (2.6M)

Meissner 10-1153 TV - Operators Manual (Not Complete)   (2.5M)

Norelco Duo-Vue Projector - Operating Instructions       (275K)

Norelco Duo-Vue Projector - Installation Manual          (1.4M)

Philco 901 Philcophone - Service Bulletin                  (350K)

Philco 901 Philcophone - Instruction Manual               (750K)

Philco 905 Portable Sound Amplifier - Data Sheet w/Schematic  (950K)

Philco 030 Dynamic Tester - Instruction Manual           (2.9M)

Philco 077 Signal Generator - Instruction Manual           (690K)

Philco 077 Signal Generator - Service Sheets               (655K)

Philco 088 Signal Generator - Instructions & Schematic      (6.3M)

Philco 7008 Visual Alignment Generator - Instruction & Service  (14.4M)

Philco Model 7070 RF Generator - Instruction Manual       (8M)

Philco Model 7170 RF Generator - Instruction Manual       (20M)

Philco Model 7019 Junior Scope - Instruction Manual      (6.6M)

Philco Model 7030 Tester - Instruction Manual            (3.8M)

Philco Model 7200 RF Signal Generator - Operating Manual (7.4M)

Philco Model 9100 Tube Tester - Instructions            (16M)

Philco Service "Servicing RF Signal Generators"           (3.3M)

Philco 48-2500 Projection TV - 1947 Report             (800K)

Philco 48-2500 Projection TV - Installation Manual       (7.6M)

Philco TB-2 TV Booster - Instructions                   (650K)

Philco Projection TV Fundamentals - Lesson              (2.8M)

Projection TV in Taverns - 1947 Newsweek Article       (85K)

Raytronics Tube Tester - Users Manual                  (11M)

Raytronics Tube Tester - Simplified Schematics         (2.3M)
(Easy to follow what each test does)

Radiola 48/R-15 - Service Manual                      (13.1M)

RCA D-22-1  - Internal Confidential Memo              (40K)

RCA D-22-1  - Four RCA Memos                       (106K)

RCA Model 262 - Service Manual                        (22M)

RCA Model 242 - Service Manual                        (20M)

RCA 1945 Prototype Projection TV - Article             (4.9M)

RCA Berkshire "Secretary" - Service Data Manual       (9.4M)

RCA Berkshire "Secretary" - Sales Data sheets         (2.2M)

RCA Color CRT - 1948 Patent                           (10M)

RCA TRK-5 TV - Operators Manual                     (2.7M)

RCA TRK-9 & 12 TV - Service Manual                  (2.7M)   

RCA 630TS TV - Service Manual                       (6.7M)

RCA Model 151 Oscillograph - Service Data             (2.8M)

RCA Model 156 Tube Tester - Operating & Service Manual  (1.1M)

RCA AP-935 Power Amplifier - Service Manual          (955K)

RCA V-225/RP-151 Changer Service Manual             (28M)

Signal Separation in the Tricolor Vidicon - Paper        (4.7M)

Simpson Model 480 Genescope                          (16.5M)

Sparton Model 101 - Service Manual                    (6.9M)

Sparton Model 103 - Service Manual                    (4.8M)

Sparton Model 930 - Service Manual                    (2.1M)

Thorens CD-40 - Service Manual                        (15.8M)

Transvision Kit - Sales Flyer From Niagara Radio Supply  (2M)

Victor AP-736-B Power Amplifier - Service Bulletin       (1.7M)

Victor Radio Service Manual                              (25.2M)

Victor 10-35 - Service Manual                           (14M)

Victor Service Bulletin - Credenza Lid Supports          (2.3M)

Weston OD-2 Tube Analyzer - Manual                    (230K)

Weston 788 / OQ-2 Tube Tester - Manual               (7.2M)