RCA TRK-12 Prewar Television


Year: 1939 Deflection: Magnetic
Production: 1600 Focus: Electrostatic
Original Price: $600.00 HV Type: AC Mains
Tube Count: 36 CRT: 12AP4


The TRK-12 was RCA's most expensive television in 1939, and the best selling model of the 4 models introduced at the 1939 Worlds Fair, it sold for $600. The cabinet was designed by John Vassos a well known industrial designer, Vassos also designed the cabinet for the 1946 Model 621TS, the radio receiver front panel in the RCA Berkshire line as well as some very beautiful and rare RCA Radios & Phonographs. The set contains a twenty-five tube, five channel television receiver, a twelve tube, three band motorized tuned radio, as well as input connections for an external phonograph. There are approximately 60 units known to survive, production was about 1,600, the most of any prewar television model.

 See Restoration of the Set


The rear of the set with all chassis' reinstalled. TV RF chassis is top left, radio chassis is top right, television HV & LV power supply chassis bottom right, & radio power supply bottom left. The CRT was not installed when this picture was taken.

The set in operation.


Close up of the three band radio dial.


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