DuMont RA-101-1A Television



Year: 1946 Deflection: Magnetic
Production: Low Focus: Magnetic
Original Price: $2,495.00 HV Type: AC Mains
Tube Count: 43 CRT: 20BP4



It's hard to believe there's a 20" direct view TV with AM-FM radio and phono hidden in this cabinet.


Now it's open, there's the radio, but where's the big screen TV?


There it is!

From out of the center of the cabinet a motor and gear train lift the 20" CRT out of its storage location into viewing mode. The phonograph, a 78rpm Webster Model 70, is located behind the left door. The Westminster was announced to the public on May 7, 1946 (see ad), and sold for $2,495.00, that's $24,000 in today's money.  In 1949 the 20BP4 picture tube had a list price of $270.00, the 12" and 15" tubes were well under $100.00

This unit is serial number 1808, I don't know if that means it is unit number 8 or 808. I would like to hear from anyone who has one of these to compare serial numbers and try to discern how many were produced.

(See Ads for TV)

This set was never sold, it was purchased at auction from the original TV distributor about 20 years ago.

Another version of this set called the "Custom" was intended to be built into a wall of your home or office. The chassis' were installed in a steel frame, the CRT and speaker were able to be installed a distance from them. The Custom model sold for $1,795.00


Screen shot of a B&W James Cagney movie



The gear train that drives the CRT assembly. The up/down switch is connected to the lid by a chain, lift the lid once and the CRT is brought into viewing position, lift it again and it retracts. Multiple interlock switches on the doors, lid and drive train, make sure there won't be a catastrophic accident while the CRT is in motion. The chassis mounted to the bottom of the cabinet is the "sync stabilizer", this was added to the sets in early 1947.


  • From top to bottom, the electronics.

Radio tuners, TV, AM/FM & SW

Chassis' slide in and out for easy access


Interlocks due to the lethal HV inside.

Audio Chassis, Four 6V6's in push-pull parallel

Power supplies, pre-war style high voltage supply 6,000 volts from AC transformer - OUCH!  I've been told this set was designed during the war years, the earliest mention of this set is 1944, notice the dual 807's DuMont wanted to make sure there was enough drive to scan across the 20" tube.

The model 101B had a much safer RF oscillator type HV power supply


Audio Output and Low Voltage Chassis.


AM Tuner on top, FM/TV tuner below.


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