DuMont RA-101B Custom



Year: 1948 Deflection: Magnetic
Production: Focus: Magnetic
Original Price: $1,795.00 HV Type: Flyback
Tube Count: 43 CRT: 20AP4




The DuMont Custom set was intended to be installed in a wall in the home or office. Using the cables that came with the unit the CRT could be placed about 15 feet from the control rack. This particular set was an unsold unit from a TV dealer in Philadelphia.


The rack assembly containing all the necessary electronics for the system. This particular unit is the 101B model which uses an RF oscillator HV system unlike the 101A version which used a 60 cycle mains type HV supply. I have all the interconnecting cables and the yoke assembly but I am missing the CRT mount assembly & CRT to complete the unit.


The television/radio control panel. The AM radio has 4 short wave bands and broadcast, below is the continuous tuning radio for the television tuner and FM, this can be tuned manually or use the motorized tuning.  


The speaker panel. The unit uses a 12" PM speaker mounted on a board matching the radio & TV panel.


This is the dealer card that came with the set.


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