Andrea 2-F-12 Prewar Television


Year: 1939 Deflection: Magnetic
Production: Very Low Focus: Electrostatic
Original Price: $395.00 HV Type: AC Mains
Tube Count: 33 CRT: 12AP4


This 1939 Andrea 2-F-12 Television/Radio console is the only complete surviving example, an empty cabinet was found recently in New Jersey and is presently awaiting restoration at the Early Television Foundation Museum.  Very few of these were produced, probably less than 100. The original selling price was $395.00.  The Model 2-F-12 and the Model 8-F-12 (with phonograph) were announced in the December 1939 issue of Radio & Television Retailing. The cabinet is in mahogany with  burl inlays around the top. It is a compact cabinet measuring just 41"H x 32"W x 21"D closed. It uses a 12" CRT (12AP4) and has 33 tubes. The reason for the like new condition of this set is that this particular set was never sold, it was found in a TV dealers warehouse about 20 years ago. Although I have been tempted to restore this set to working condition I have decided to leave it in its original as found condition. To view the instruction manual in PDF format click here.


The Television controls, the channel selector has the
 channels numbers (1-5) imprinted around the edge of the knob


The radio tuner panel, 3 bands, 6 presets, and tuning eye tube.
 A very similar looking radio was used on the pre-war DuMont 181 console.


Rear photo showing placement of the 3 chassis. Upper left is the video, lower left is the high voltage/sweep, lower right is the low voltage supply, the radio chassis is behind the video chassis.


On the left is the video chassis, in the top left is the 5 channel tuner. The right picture is a close up of the tuner showing the various trimmer adjustments.


If you notice in the pictures of the video chassis above there are no IF transformers on the chassis top. In this picture of the underside of the video chassis you can see the IF coils are open and mounted on the sides of the chassis, tuning adjustments are done by a very unusual trimmer capacitor, the small square items seen in various locations under the chassis.


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