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About Me:

I have been a collector of "stuff" for over 30 years. Mostly it has consisted of phonographs, radios, and TV's, but I've also had my share of clocks, watches, boatanchors, and cars. As I changed my collecting direction over the years some items were sold or traded to allow me to continue my quest for that next "must have piece".

 I have always enjoyed the "hunt" for these treasures, to own them for awhile, and then pass them on to other collectors and start looking for the next treasure. The thrill of finding a rare phonograph, radio, or TV in an antique shop or local auction is what keeps me going.

Most of the items you see on this site are in my collection now or were in the collection but have moved on. I do sell or trade occasionally as everything has a price and there is always something I want more. I will try to list items that are for sale or trade in the "For Sale" area of this site. Also take a look in the "Wanted" area, here are items I would like to add to my collection.

I also restore vintage radios, TV's and other early electronic devices on a part time basis as my time permits. My average turnaround time for small pieces is 2-3 weeks, 3-6 months for larger and more involved restorations. I have recently completed restoring my 7th prewar TV and I guess my tenth Scott radio. I'm starting the restoration on my next prewar TV, you can follow it here.


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