Electrical Products Mfg. Co. X-102



This is a table model projection television, the cabinet is wood with a "photo finish" mahogany pattern. It is quite simple to use, the user controls; channel selector/fine tuning, volume, brightness, contrast, & vertical hold are mounted to the side of the cabinet, the mechanical and electrical focus are in the rear as well as 300 ohm antenna and audio output connections. The unit appears to have been manufactured in 1959. The ID plate reads: Electrical Products MFG Co. LTD, Montreal, Quebec. Serial # 145


Inside view of the set. At the top is mounted the CRT with focus coil and deflection yoke and the projection lens assembly. Below the CRT assembly is the main chassis, to the left is the power supply and above that is a chassis to generate the focus voltage. The tuner and user controls are mounted to the side of the cabinet.


Close up picture of the CRT assembly. The CRT is a MW6-4, similar to the MW6-2 also known as 3NP4. The major difference between the tubes is that the MW6-4 has a flat face whereas the MW6-2 (3NP4) has a spherical face. The 3NP4 is used mainly in the Protelgram projection systems, that system uses a spherical mirror in the projection unit and the spherical face of the CRT matches the spherical mirror to generate an undistorted image. The X-102 uses a straight lens system to generate the image and thus needs a flat face to generate an undistorted image through the lens.

The set uses separate horizontal output stages to generate the high voltage (25KV) and the sweep signal. The yoke mounted to the cabinet is used in the high voltage output stage. 


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