On this page I will post pictures of items I am looking for to add to my collection. If you have any of these and are interested in selling or trading, please email me.



Early GE oscillograph from 1933. I have the display unit on the right, I'm looking for the time-axis oscillator unit shown on the left. It is about 11"x12"x20" and weighs 42lbs.

The round piece shown is the protective cover for the CRT.



General Radio Model 497A scope with Model 496A Power Supply, circa 1931

General Radio Model 687A, circa 1934


RCA TMV-168A - 9" CRT

DuMont Model 233 - 20" CRT



Mechanical Oscillographs from 20's thru 40's. Particularly General Electric from 20's.

Early Electronic Oscilloscopes from 30's and 40's. Particularly with 1", 2" or 3" CRT's