Victor VE9-55 Electrola




The VE9-55 was Victors top of the line instrument in late 1927. It contains a Superheterodyne Radiola 28 radio, phonograph and record changer in a massive walnut carved cabinet that weighs over 300lbs. This fine piece could be purchased for $1,550, the cost of a car in 1927. Only 2,046 of these units were produced, it was obsolete by the end of 1928.


The first series Victor changer. The records were placed on the record holder arm suspended over the turntable. The played record was lifted by the lift ring and slid down into the record drawer to the left of the turntable. The ring continued up to retrieve a record from the stack and was gently deposited onto the turntable. With this changer you could not intermix 10" and 12" records.

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