Victor VE9-54 Electrola



The Victor VE9-54 was introduced in late 1928 to replace the already obsolete VE9-55 as top of the Victor line. Only 2,941 of these units were produced and cost $1,350. The cabinet is walnut in Spanish styling, it measures 60"H x 40"W x 23"D. The radio is RCA's top model 64 Superheterodyne, the speaker is located behind the lower right door.


The second series Victor changer, records were stacked on the "horseshoe" shaped carriage above the turntable. The played record was ejected by spinning it into the compartment to the left of the turntable. The next record was pushed into position on the carriage then the carriage was lowered to the turntable, the record was left on the turntable and the carriage moved back up.

This changer is not the most reliable, if the rubber covered turntable is not a little tacky, the record will not be spun off and the lift ring will break the record, especially 12".

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