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Early Record Changers history, technology, photos/ videos and maintenance

1924: Deca-Disc /1928: Electramuse Drop Changers

1931: Majestic / Electromatic
Swinging Magazine Changer

1927: Victor Talking Machine Co
Automatic Orthophonic Victrola 10-50

1932: General Industries
"Slasher" Changer


1928: HMV Model 1 Automatic Gramophone

1949: Lincoln Engineering
Pneumatic Turn-Over Changer
(Series 50, Series 60, Series 70)

1928: Victor Talking Machine Co
Automatic Orthophonic Victrola 10-35

1962: Thorens TD224 Changer

1929/1931: Capehart
Capehart Deluxe Changer
(16-E,41-E, 41-E2 turn-over changers)



The Best Portables of the World

An overview of the great US and UK suitcase portables, using Orthophonic and Viva-Tonal technology.

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Other Great Phonographs and Contraptions

 1920s: Record Repeaters and the Brooks Repeating Phonographs

1927: Edisonic Beethoven
Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph

 1926: Edison LONG PLAY Diamond Disc Phonograph (C-19 Laboratory Model) plays 40 minute long playing records




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