Stromberg-Carlson TC-10



This is the way this TV was received. New in the original box still packed away from 1949.


TV unpacked with it's original instructional tags attached. The table it is sitting on is also the original table for this set. This set was called the Manhattan model, original price was $249.95. The set has a novel feature called the "Opera Glass" when you press the button in the center of the tuning dial the center of the picture is expanded to fill the screen.


The back with setup instructions still attached.


The top chassis, so clean you could eat off of it. To see a set in this condition is awesome.


The chassis again.


A close up of the tuner, as you can see this uses slug tuning. A dial cord pulley system from the tuning knob to the top chassis then a rack and pinion gear to adjust the tuning slugs.


Original parts, never touched. I decided to leave the original parts installed and only replaced two capacitors to make the set functional.


After 50+ years a picture!



Another shot of the screen.


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