Sparton 4900TV




The 1949 Sparton Model 4900 "Credenza", this set contains a 12" CRT, AM-FM radio and a 2 speed phonograph, plus record storage on either side of the speaker. Thoughtfully castors were provided to make moving this piece a snap as it is not a lightweight. Overall dimensions are 35"H x 22"D x 60"W

This unit was obtained from the original owners, who purchased it new in 1949. When it stopped working it was put in the dining room, the finish is immaculate.



The pull-down AM-FM radio

The 2-speed V-M changer


Television center compartment, power supply chassis is in the foreground, main chassis is mounted vertically to the front of the cabinet. High voltage supply is an RF oscillator type. To remove the main chassis the cabinet must be turned on it's face and then the chassis removed.



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