RCA CE-29 Jukebox





The CE-29 was RCA's final attempt to get into the coin-op (jukebox) business in 1932. Only 971 of these machines were built, the suggested list price was $247.50.

The record changer used in this model was called the "magazine" changer. It was limited to 10" records only, and there was no way to make a selection, the records were played in sequence. Each selection was 5 cents and  you could put up to 20 nickels in the accumulator.

This unit was in terrible condition when I purchased it at auction, see the before picture.


The "magazine" changer, compared to the earlier style record changers of the Victor Company this was extremely easy on records, records were deposited on the turntable from the bottom of the magazine and the played record was carefully lifted off the turntable and deposited into the top of the magazine. No more flinging the record into a bin alongside or below the turntable.

This record changer was used in the RAE series of home radio/phono units. This was the only model that used the gaudy gold and robins egg blue color scheme.


RCA mailer that was sent to dealers announcing the CE-29.


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