RCA 9PC41 Projection TV


The 1949 RCA 9PC41 projection TV was a carry over from the 1948 8PCS41 projection TV in a fancier cabinet. This set was announced on March 17, 1949 and sold for $798.61. The projection unit is the same Model PTU-1 Projection Television Unit that was used in all RCA projection sets. For 1949 a remote control for brightness and contrast was added due to the poor high voltage regulation that caused blooming and loss of focus on bright scenes. These two models are the most common projection televisions found today, RCA produced a couple thousand over their 2 year production run. By 1950 the larger 16" & 19" direct view CRTs became available and spelt the death knell for the home projection TV market until the 1980s.


The wired remote control for brightness and contrast.

The controls hidden behind the false drawer front.


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