The Model 630TS, along with the 7" Model 621TS, went on sale to the public on October 7, 1946, the initial price was $352.00. About 43,000 of these were manufactured during the 3 year manufacturing run. This particular set is a later production unit, the earliest production used a single clamp to hold the safety glass to the front of the cabinet instead of the corner clamps used on this set. This chassis was used by many other manufacturers using their own cabinet design. A console version of this set, the 630TCS, was also manufactured with a low production run (8,585) and is uncommon to find now.


The RCA 630TS, 10" screen using the 10BP4 CRT, 30 tubes and a 13 channel tuner. Picture quality on these sets is excellent, they have a 4MC IF bandwidth and 4 IF stages. Only drawback is they weigh about the same as a small battleship.

Click here to see the service manual for this set in PDF format.

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