Philco Prototype Radio Phonograph



This Philco looks pretty much normal, except for the grille cutout style,  until you lift the top.


Inside is a General Industries phonograph changer. This changer is as simple as they get, at the end of play the arm lifts off the record, the small arm in the upper left corner slides between the records on the turntable lifts the top one and flings it into the padded record well on the left, and the arm returns to the start of the next record and drops. All this in about one revolution of the turntable.  The last record will repeat until turned off. The cartridge is an Astatic B-2.



The radio chassis is pretty much stock, except for the addition of the shielded cables for the phono input. The cables were brought out of existing holes in the chassis. The connections are made in mid-air. There are no markings on the cabinet at all. I don't know if this was a custom made unit or a pre-production prototype by Philco.

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