Philco Prototype Color Television



Year: 1953 Deflection: Magnetic
Production: Prototype Focus: Electrostatic
Original Price: N/A HV Type: Flyback
Tube Count: 50 CRT: 15GP22




The closed cabinet looks like any other 50's B&W TV set. I have seen a similar style cabinet in a 1952 Philco B&W ad, 17" Model 1844-M. As this cabinet has no removable panels like other early color sets, it may have been just pulled from the line to house this set. The cabinet is  37"H x 27"D x 27"W, and heavy! The finish on the doors is a type of "photo-finish" that is often found on early radio cabinets.


Open, it has a strange look to the picture tube and an extra knob in the center, the "CHROMA" control. The tuner is a twelve channel with a UHF position, there is no UHF tuner installed but there is a space next to the VHF tuner where one could fit. The other knobs are: volume/tone; vertical/horizontal hold; contrast/brightness. This set predates the famed RCA CT-100 by over a year.


Three main chassis in the set, each with a hand painted serial number. Each chassis also has an engineering tag. There are 49 tubes on the three chassis.



Deflection/HV chassis tag


Low Voltage power supply tag



CRT tags, the CRT is a sample Sylvania tube (see below). The CRT was delivered to Engineering on 12/7/53 the CRT label has a 12/1/53 date, didn't take long to get it installed.



The only label or tag on the cabinet.


The neck of the CRT, the tube is not a 15GP22, it is a prototype model.



The CRT is from Sylvania Electric Products.

The label reads:

Type ST-1507

Tube No. Y 1894        Date 12/1/53

Engineering Sample Tube


The flashing at the getters appears to be intact, the tube may be usable.

Update: The CRT is still under vacuum, follow the restoration here.



The main TV chassis.



Tube layout on front half of the deflection/HV chassis. Notice two 0B2 and one 0A2 voltage regulators.


Tube layout of HV enclosure. Two 1B3's in voltage doubler for HV, 1X2 for focus voltage, the 20KV regulator is a Victoreen type 6353. A 6AU4 damper is hidden behind the metal enclosure. The horizontal output tubes are strange - see below



The horizontal output tubes are stamped 6BQ6GT, but have been overwritten with the number X-113. Also if you look at the plates you can see a long piece of ceramic material banded to the plate, maybe a modification to dissipate more power?


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