Philco 48-2500 Projection Television



Year: 1948 Deflection: Magnetic
Production: Focus: Magnetic
Original Price: $795.00 HV Type: RF Oscilator
Tube Count: 28 CRT: TP400A



The 48-2500 was originally planned to be released in 1947, design work was started in late 1945. Philco built 25 field trial units, these are easily distinguished as the cabinets are walnut rather than the production dark mahogany. I have the chassis and projection unit from serial # 23, but alas the cabinet was destroyed years ago. The unit shown is a late production piece. This unit uses 1X2 tubes for the HV doubler, Originally the HV used 1B3's in the supply. The original price for this unit was $795




Report on

Philco Projection Television Receiver

Model 47-2500


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To read the complete 47-2500 report in PDF format click here.
To read the 1947 Philco training lesson in PDF format for the 48-2500 click here.

During the design phase of this set in 1945 there were numerous design additions contemplated for this set. One of which was converting it to color, read the invention disclosure here. Another was to add the capability to view home movies or slides on the set.


The projector unit, is a modified wide aperture Schmidt Optical System.


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