Norelco PA-2A Duo-Vue Projector



The Norelco Duo-Vue projector was designed to work in conjunction with a table model television which sat on top of the unit. The television set was modified to bring out the video and deflection signals on two cables which plugged into this unit. The receiver to be used needed the following requirements:

Magnetic Deflection, Parallel Filaments, Free-running sweeps, 10"-12" or 16" CRT.

The set uses the Norelco (Protelgram) projection system using a 3NP4 CRT, same as used in the Emerson projection sets.



The Duo-Vue setup with an RCA 9T246. When it is desirable to watch a large screen picture, the unit is wheeled away from the wall about 8' then turn the function switch to "projection". The unit will project a 3'x4' size picture on to a screen or any white surface, comparable in brightness to a home movie.


Operating instructions for Duo-Vue
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