Meissner 10-1153 Prewar Television


Year: 1939 Deflection: Electrostatic
Production: ? Focus: Electrostatic
Original Price: $159.50 HV Type: AC Mains
Tube Count: 16 CRT: 5BP4


The Meissner 10-1153 was available as a kit with or without the walnut cabinet from 1939-1941. Only 5 sets with the factory cabinet are known to exist, this is the only one with the CRT bezel. The set sold complete with tubes for $139.50 and the cabinet was an extra $20.00.
The set uses sixteen tubes plus CRT, a 5BP4. The chassis was finished in black crackle paint so even without the cabinet it has a very presentable look.


Internal pictures showing construction of the set. The rear compartment houses the high voltage and low voltage supplies.
If the CRT base looks a little strange, it is due to the fact that the original metal base cracked and fell off, the CRT has been replaced. The set has very poor sync stability, especially the vertical. Picture quality is directly related to the RF level at the tuner, this is not a set you would want to sit and watch for more than a few minutes.

here for a look at a partial manual in PDF format.



1939 ad for the Meissner 10-1153 television kit
(Click on picture for full size ad)


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