Magnavox Imperial Windsor



The Imperial Windsor consists of two separate units, the base unit radio/phonograph and the top unit an MV14BR bookcase television receiver. The base unit consists of a Magnavox CR-211 radio chassis (13 tubes) which tunes the AM & FM broadcast bands and short wave band tuning 5.9Mhz - 17.3Mhz, a power amplifier model AMP-111 which is capable of producing 45 watts of audio output using four 6L6 output tubes in push-pull parallel. The speakers used in this model consists of a 15" PM bass unit and a dynamic cellular horn for treble.

The television section  contained in the functional bookcase unit is a stock Magnavox unit, 12 channel detent tuner,  the TV audio is passed through to the power amp in the receiver section, a 12KP4 CRT is used, the 12KP4 is an aluminized screen CRT that improves the brightness.

The complete unit is just under 8 feet tall and weighs approximately 300lbs.


The phonograph on this unit is a two speed unit capable of playing both 33 1/3 LP and 78 RPM discs, it is not capable of mixing 10" and 12" records. Behind the two outside doors on the base unit there is lots of record storage.



Brass tag attached to the lower door. This unit was sold December 2, 1948 in Brooklyn, NY, original cost was $1,495.


Original operating instruction card for the set. Click on picture for full size card.


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