Edison Suitcase Standard



This is a early 2 latch suitcase style Standard, the serial number is S102, one of the earliest surviving examples. There are a few differences between the later machines and the early, most notably the lack of the gear cover. There are no mounting screw holes on the bedplate for a cover.  The earliest units used brass gears in the motor instead of steel, this unit has one brass gear the rest are steel, and bedplates may not have the gold pin striping.

The cabinet & bedplate have been restored, it was probably stored in an attic for the past 100 years as the case and bedplate finishes were completely destroyed. The Model C reproducer was an upgrade at some point in the phonographs life, for some reason the tail weight has been ground down, possibly to lighten it to play brown wax records that the owner still enjoyed. Originally this unit would have been delivered with a Standard Speaker reproducer.



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