Early Suitcase Home


A very early example of the Edison Suitcase Home, this one is serial number H 1311. A number of differences can be seen from later examples. Most obvious is the weighted half nut arm; there is also a support cast into the top chassis for the lift lever to rest in; the reproducer is held in place by 2 screws; on the motor, the stop lever presses on the speed control yoke to stop the motor instead of having a separate stop pad pressing on the governor.

This machine dates from August 1897.


Close up of the early style weighted feed screw assembly. Sometime in the past the arm casting was broken and a repair was made. Another difference from the later units is the index mark on the speed control.


The phonograph displayed with a very early 14" seamless brass horn. You can also see the National Phonograph tag on the crank.

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