Edison C-1 Radio - Phonograph



The Model C-1 radio-phonograph was the Edison Company's top of the line electric radio-phonograph in 1928. It boasted a single play phonograph that would play both lateral cut 78's and the vertical cut Edison Diamond Discs using a special electric pickup, a sensitive regenerative TRF radio, dual 10" Peerless dynamic speakers and a power amplifier using two parallel connected type 250 output tubes. All this could be yours for a mere $1,100 ($11,134 in today's money), less tubes of course. The cabinet  was stated to be an exact reproduction of an Italian credenza. Done in shaded walnut with polychrome highlights on the doors and around the top, size is 49"H x 43"W x 20"D. It is doubtful that many of these were produced or sold, probably less than 200. So far only seven of these units have been accounted for in collections.


The phono compartment, very cumbersome to place and remove records.


Close-up of the electric pickup, the pickup swivels 90 degrees to make it easier to replace the steel needle. The diamond stylus can be seen on the offset needle bar, in this mode it will respond to the vertical modulation of the Diamond Disc record. The white index line on the front is used to line up the stylus with the lead in groove of the record. If a lateral cut 78 is to be played the steel needle is placed in the hole and the diamond will not contact the record surface, the pickup then responds to the lateral modulation the same as any other electric pickup.


The radio is a TRF with regeneration, Edison bought the Splitdorf Radio Company to get into the radio business. The small lever on the lower center knob is to turn on the regenerative circuit for increased sensitivity, which works OK but not as good as the Superheterodyne design which RCA held the patents for.


Close-up of the beautiful polychrome crest on the center doors.



From a 9/28 advertising brochure.

Read or download PDF file of Edison Radio Service Department Bulletins from 1929,
 covers the Radio/Phono Models C-1 & C-2; and for the Radio Models R-1, R-2,& R-3

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