DuMont RA-102-B3



The DuMont RA-102-B3 Club, also known as a "Bar Set" due to its commercial nature. The set was promoted for use in bars, restaurants and other commercial establishments. It was intended to be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a high shelf, the CRT chassis is mounted in the cabinet at a downward angle. This model also came in a rather drab battleship gray finish, this particular unit is the walnut finish. To access the controls the metal door below the CRT is swung up. To access the chassis the whole front of the cabinet is hinged.


Original price tag and sales tag that came with set. This particular set was never sold and came from a local dealers store.


The inside of the cabinet showing the low and high voltage chassis. The CRT/receiver chassis is mounted to the right of the power supply on the inclined mounts. The brown paper wrapped object tied to the rear of the cabinet is a Philips head screwdriver that was used to open the control access panel.



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