DuMont Manchu



Year: 1949 Deflection: Magnetic
Production: Focus: Magnetic
Original Price: HV Type: Flyback
Tube Count: CRT: 20BP4




The Manchu is another of DuMonts giant Telesets from 1948-1949. This set is 57"H x 36 1/2" W x 27 1/2" D and weighs about 350 lbs. It uses the 20BP4 CRT, the largest direct view tube available at that time. The set is mounted to its own stand incorporating a "lazy susan" that allows the set to be swiveled into viewing position. The ingenious swivel allows the set to be placed within an inch of a wall and still be able to swing 180 degrees. The power and antenna cables feed down through the swivel and connections are made under the base unit. When the unit is in storage position you have the choice of a green decorated side or a natural mahogany.


The chassis is the model RA-106 which was also used on the large "bar" sets. To make the chassis fit in this cabinet a few modifications were made, all the front panel control shafts were extended about 10", extension cables for the CRT and HV chassis had to be installed to reach the new positions.

The main chassis contains the LV power supply, the TV and FM tuner, and all video circuits. The HV chassis is mounted to the right side of the cabinet. The chassis on the left side is the audio amplifier, it is self contained with it's own power supply, push-pull 6V6 output stage, a crossover network is mounted above the amp, this connects to a 3" tweeter mounted on the front of the cabinet and a 12" woofer is mounted in the base unit. Finally the AM radio is crammed in the front of the cabinet above the TV tuner.


The pull out phonograph, a 2 speed Webster to play regular 78rpm and the new 33 1/3 rpm long play records. The square dial above the circular tuning dial is the AM broadcast radio dial.




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