Columbia Toy Graphophone




The Columbia Toy Graphophone was introduced at Christmas 1899 and sold for $3.00, later reduced to $1.50. As can be seen in the advertisement below it was directed towards children. It had no motor, the record was played by turning the crank with a finger the turntable acted like a flywheel to help stabilize the speed. The records were made of wax, the same material as the cylinder records of that period. The records were vertically cut and played from the inside out. Five records came with the machine, and you could buy additional records in sets of 5 for fifty cents. The  Graphophone, horn and a set of records all fit into a small wooden box. The box was adorned with advertisements and the operating  instructions.


Advertisement for the Columbia Toy Graphophone


Storage Box Top

Record Box


Side One

Side Two


Side Three

Side Four


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