Berliner Lever Wind Phonograph



Berliner Lever or Ratchet Wind of 1897. This is the early version, serial # 981, that did not have a separate turntable brake. This model was introduced in March/April of 1897 and was only in production for about 5 months.  The horn shown is from a later model Berliner, the correct horn is what is called a "funnel or oil can" horn.


Close up of the lever or ratchet winder. There are holes in two corners of the base, I can only assume that sometime in the past this was to anchor the machine on a table to make it easier to wind-up. The condition of the cabinet and nickel plating shows that this was used very little, the spring was broken when I found this, maybe it broke and the owners just put it away in a box.


The combination speed and brake control. The vertical cut slot was to allow the case to be removed to gain access to the motor assembly.


The ratchet wind mechanism.


Close up of the governor and speed/brake control, it reminds you of the style used on antique steam engines with the fly out weights.


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