Prototype Tubes


These tubes were salvaged from RCA Camden about 30 years ago, mostly they were experimental or prototype pickup tubes.  Since acquiring the collection, I've decided to donate them to the Early Television Foundation Museum in Hilliard, Ohio where they will be on display for other collectors to see.

To see the complete collection of tubes visit the Camera Tube Collection at the Museum site.


An early prototype image orthicon tube from 1941 or 1942. There are no numbers or any other labels on the tube.


The front of the tube is 3" across, with 6 forward facing connections, also an evacuation port. There is also another evacuation port at the rear of the tube. There are 19 connections at the rear.


The electron multiplier section of the tube, looking closely you can see that it appears to have been handmade.


Prototype double sided target magnetic deflection Graphecon tube, early 1940's. The Graphecon tube was developed to make long time storage of television quality pictures possible. It's original use was to store RADAR PPI patterns and generate television pictures from this. There are two electron guns, one at each end of the tube and a target in the center, one gun would "write" the picture on to the target while the other would "read" the pictures and develop the television signal .


A magnetic deflection barrier-grid storage tube. This tube was developed to store a video signal for extended length of time. 



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